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Franco Morone - Popular Songs And Traditional Dances

Posted By White Rose On Wednesday, April 30, 2008 Under
Italian Fingerstyle Guitar is the only collection of Italian traditional music
for solo acoustic guitar. The present research
has the merit of gathering under the same sonority
tunes of different origin while enhancing common traits
and specific differences. The metal-strung guitar
has a peculiar bent for traditional music and this album proves
it through absolute beauty and real depth.


1) Saltarella (F. Morone)
2) Non Potho Reposare (S. Sini-G.Rachel)
3) Tarantella (F. Morone)
4) Nebbi a la Valle
5) Giovanottina/Tarantella Napoletana
6) Stelutis Alpinis (A. Zardini)
7) Donna Lombarda/Le Donne Belle
8) Vola Vola (A. Albanese)
9) Bella Ciao
10) Amor Dammi Quel Fazzolettino
11) Adeste Fideles
12) Comm'é Bellu (Trad.) (245)
13) Mamma Mia Dammi Cento Lire
14) Serenata (F.lli Ciervo)
15) Calderai/Bigordino-Giga
16) Caro Mio Ben (G. Giordani)

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Download Here

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