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Evolution - Tribal Fusion Bellydance Music

Posted By White Rose On Tuesday, September 23, 2008 Under
The Evolution CD draws on various world music in, often, contemporary arrangements. Music artists include Solace, the Upper Egypt Ensemble, Mosavo, Tom Cooper & Samantha Riggs, Hamdi El-Khayyat and Naked Rhythm . This CD comprises the music used by Tribal Fusion dancers in the Evolution performance DVD. Tribal fusion is the innovative direction taken by many ATS (American Tribal Style) belly dance companies and solo performers. Tribal Fusion dancers embrace a new blend of traditional and contemporary movements and aesthetics, combining diverse world influences with modern American dance styles creating a revolution in movement, music and costume.

Track List
01 Shisha Room
02 Saplak
03 Mazamir Holiday
04 Darkness Falls
05 Bascha
06 Shake Time
07 Serpentine
08 Asian Majik
09 Awaken the Goddess
10 Enchanted Garden
11 Cirque du Flame

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