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Abdel Halim Hafez - Part1

Posted By White Rose On Monday, March 30, 2009 Under
Despite a fairly short career, singer/movie-actor Hafez was one of the most
influential Egyptian stars of the 1950s and '60s. His mellow, resonant voice,
subtle vocal style and notably clean intonation marked him out, along with a
liking for long, seemingly endless musical phrases. When Mohamed Abdel Wahhaab
switched from singing to composition, he pretty much stepped into his shoes.
Born in 1929, Abdel Halim studied at Cairo's Institute of Arabic Music and the
Higher Institute for Theatre Music, and began his career teaching and playing
oboe before taking aim at vocal stardom. His first hit came in 1951, and he soon
signed a contract with Abdel Wahhaab to sing his songs and appear in his films.
During the 1960s, he started to sing colloquial poetry more colorful and
meaningful and nearer to popular folk song than ordinary pop songs, and his work
on these lines had a significant influence on popular song in general. He
cofounded a film company and the Saut el-Fann record label in the early '60s,
and remained a major star until he died in 1977 of Bilharzia, which he had
caught as a child and which had begun to affect him intermittently from 1955

Track List

01.Be Amr El Hob
02.Ahdan El Hebayeb
03.Kamel El Awsaf
04.Kont Fein
05.Beiny Wbeinak Eih
06.Khayef Marra Aheb

Download HERE

Track List
01.Hawel Teftekerny

Download HERE

Track List
1.Ya Hali
2.Ya Malikan Kalbi
3.Lastu Adri
4.Ya Farhat El Summar
5.Kifaia Nourak Alaya

Download HERE

Track List
1.Fatet Ganbena - live

Download HERE

Track List
1.Maddah El Amr (Live)

Download HERE

Track List
1.Aai Damait Hozn La

Download HERE

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