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Mandalay - Solace

Posted By White Rose On Thursday, March 26, 2009 Under
Mandalay's "Solace" is the sort of album that takes awhile to sink into your consciousness -- it's ethereal, bittersweet and full of Nicola Hitchcock's sweetly airy vocals. the songs are a slice of trip-hop heaven.
The tone is set with the trip-hop/piano ballad, "Not Seventeen," a wistful ballad that slips into the slightly trippier breakup song "Like Her." Smooth, soft soundscapes are the base of all the songs -- almost all ballads, with a few bouncier trip-hop songs mixed in there. Among the following songs are the smooth "Beautiful" (most recently covered by Sarah Brightman), the poppy "It's Enough Now," wispy "Enough Love," and the eerie, spacey "Flowers Bloom."
There's something very soothing and sweet about Mandalay. The trancey trip-hop mixes mellow and moody, with the occasional dose of organic instrumentation to keep it from getting dull. The first disc isn't the sort of thing you dance to, but rather drowse to on an autumn evening. The second... well, you can dance to it,
Mandalay's music is as beautiful and light as a glass butterfly, and "Solace" is a solid collection of songs and remixes.

Track list


1-01 Not Seventeen
1-02 Like Her
1-03 Beautiful
1-04 Deep Love
1-05 It's Enough Now
1-06 This Life
1-07 Flowers Bloom
1-08 Enough Love
1-09 Don't Invent Me
1-10 Insensible
1-11 Kissing The Day
1-12 Believe
1-13 I Don't Want The Night To End

CD 2

2-01 Beautiful (12" Canny Mix)
2-02 Not Seventeen (Attica Blues Remix)
2-03 This Life (Cevin Fisher Dub)
2-04 Beautiful (Lenny's Sunset Dub)
2-05 Deep Love (Charlie May Remix)
2-06 This Life (Wagon Christ Mix)
2-07 Flowers Bloom (Alex Reece Remix)
2-08 Deep Love (Nitin Sawhney Remix)
2-09 Not Seventeen (Futureshock Alt. Mix)
2-10 This Life (Boymerang Remix)
2-11 Beautiful (Calderone After Hour Mix)

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