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Hosam Hayek - Ghareb Fe Watani (Stranger In My Homeland)

Posted By White Rose On Thursday, March 31, 2011 Under ,
Hosam Hayek Hosam Hayek was born in 1970 in Shfara’am, a small town near Nazareth of Galilee in the Holy Land. When he was only ten years old, he showed precocious skills as a guitar player. Few years later, as his musical interest matured, Hayek decided to play the Oud in which he considers to be the key to his own history and future. He soon decided to play the piano as well, and through that instrument, Hayek discovered the deeper, hidden secrets and beauty of the western classical music. It is worth mentioning that Hayek earned his first degree in music in just one year, with highest distinction. On top of this great achievement, he taught the origins of the Arabic music at Hebrew University’s Academy of music for three years. Over time, Hayek succeeded in mastering the Oud by developing his own instrumental technique while remaining faithful to the origins of Arabic music. His technique is enriched by the most important musical influences: depth, clarity, connecting with roots, honesty and precise performance. All of these qualities are reflected from political, social and emotional existence as well as from nature’s exceptional hardship in this unique region of the world. Furthermore, Hayek’s unique and artful improvisational capabilities had led him to compose a great number of original works. Most of these have been dedicated to a distinctive musical team called Zikrayat/memories. Hayek performs a musical show, on his Oud for forty minutes accompanied by Tambourine and Contrabass (according to the show’s material). Track List 01 Mirage (Sarab) 02 Perhaps (Yemken) 03 Stranger in My Homeland (Ghareeb Fe Watani) 04 Dance of the Bird (Raqsat Al Tayr) 05 Nahawand Improvisation (Takeseem Nahawand) 06 Give Me the Flute (Aatini Ennay) 07 Hungarian Dance (Raqsa Hungareya) 08 Samaee in Maqam Huzam (Huzam Hayek) 09 Grief (Tarha) 10 Bayat Improvisation (Takaseem Bayat)

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