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Music On The Desert Road (LP)

Posted By White Rose On Saturday, June 11, 2011 Under ,

Track List
A1 Turkey - Automobile on mountain Road - Central Anatolian Dance
A2 Turkey - Mevludin Nebevi (Religious chant)
A3 Syria - Rasd (Dervish song)
A4 Syria - Bedouin Song and Dance
A5 Jordan - Bedouin Coffee Grinding
A6 Iraq - Kesame-Meru (Kurdish ballad)
A7 Iran - Baba Karam (Love song)
B1 Iran - Rhythm of a Train (Drums)
B2 Iran - Humayun (Traditional melody)
B3 Afghanistan - Atan Dance Music
B4 Afghanistan - Neemakai (Wedding folk song)
B5 India - Zila from Varanasi (Benares)
B6 India - Temple Bells and drums - Bhajan

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