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Al Oud: Instrumental & Vocal Music of Nubia

Posted By MiOd On Monday, July 08, 2013 Under ,
Al Oud plays from the start like a well scripted concert. Each song takes hold of the ear, guiding us to the next. The transition from each track glides without seams. Hamza gives the listener a perfect balance between his simple and beautiful oud playing and a voice so gently harmonious. Hamza El Din is a technical master of oud and voice. This is why he can give us his true expression. What he wants to pour into the listener, is as easy to him as drinking water. This is a true gift.

Everything El Din does turns to gold. This is a wonderful sample of the beautiful music of Nubia, of which Hamza is their greatest sample.

1. Childhood
2. The Spirits
3. Grandfathers' Stories
4. Did Nura Remember
5. The Message Bearer
6. The Gondola
7. Call For Unity
8. The Fortune Teller
9. Greeting Card